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Remove Tuner, unsubscribe GIS!

You have a Smart TV and use it as such ? You're streaming through Netflix, Amazon Prime, or other apps? You do not consume a broadcast program via the antenna connection? Why are you still paying GIS?

We are specialized in removing tuners from TV and turn your TV into a monitor.

You will then receive a document about the removal of the tuner so you can unsubscribe from the GIS.

We take every brand and every size for a fix price!



Tuner removal (any size)   €    99,-
Pick-up / delivery service within Vienna
optional €    79,-
Pick-up / delivery service outside Vienna
optional on request



Who has a TV, must pay the GIS? Wrong!

In detail, the situation is a bit bizarre: If I have a TV set at home and do not watch ORF, I have to pay. If I have a TV set and can not receive the ORF programs (without CI module or ORF DIGITAL SAT card), I have to pay as well. It is about the fact that the devices would be "basically ready to receive", no matter whether you use them or not.

The GIS regulation in detail, however, does not specifically refer to a television set, but to a "broadcast receiving device". And here is the case that you can very well own a TV without falling into the GIS obligation. However, the television must have no tuner and antenna connection. Thus he would not be "ready to receive". No matter what programs - even the ORF - you then consumed purely internet-based, eliminates the GIS requirement.

At the core of such TV sets are nothing more than large monitors with all the connections of a normal TV, only without satellite / cable connection. They are especially suitable for people who do not consume a broadcast program anyway and prefer to stream Netflix, Prime or TV programs through the apps offered and elsewhere.

Source: heute.at

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